Turning your DAO up a notch or two.

DAOs are self-powered machines, but they only run as well as their design. We help communities build DAOs from the foundation up.

From concept to realized product.

Building a successful DAO is a ton of work, and the path forward isn’t always clear. We have the experience and know-how to tackle uniquely complex problems throughout three core phases:

Phase 1


Operating a decentralized community at scale takes careful considerations of processes and values. We help struggling or emerging DAOs capitalize on their success while planning for continued growth.

Phase 2


DAOs are in constant competition for community. Reducing the barriers of entry and creating incentives for contributors to your project is key.

Phase 3


Mistakes and failures will happen. Some are outside your control. Contingency planning for the worst case scenario is not just an exercise, but a competitive advantage for any DAO serious about their longevity.
• Vision & Strategy
• Governance Framework
• Community Development
• Tokenomics
• Talent Acquisition
• MarComms

Navigating a DAO and wondering if we're a fit?

Traditional organizations worldwide are quickly discovering the advantages of working with DAOs as service providers. If you are tasked with navigating governance, proposal processes, or other novel engagements with DAOs, we can help. Send us an email or catch us at the next conference.


Our team is helping different communities become decentralized. Here’s some of our favorites.

Maker logo
Being dubbed as one of the pioneers in decentralization, MakerDAO is an organization pushing the curve.With over 20 decentralized Core Units providing services to the Protocol, designing solutions for 150+ is an exciting challenge.
Jet Protocol logo
Helping the next-gene borrowing and lending platform on Solana? Count us in!New framework for Asset Onboarding? Helping the community develop? We're ready for take-off.
Aragon logo
Aragon Association going full DAO? We're there to help! 🦅
Contango logo
Contango is looking to build synthetic expirable futures. We let them focus on the product, while we focus on getting them DAO-ready.

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